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Selection of the results of our work – photos Before and After procedures

All photos were taken and published with the expressed agreement of our clients.

Face, neck and décolleté

Lenka image

Mrs Lenka 43 years old

Face lift under a local anaesthetic by the method Quick Lift.

Mrs Lenka is young, but she was surprised by the amount of skin we have removed. It was also necessary to add volume to her cheeks.

With the method Quick Lift we have removed excess skin on the lower part of the face and shifted the sub-surface structure to the area of the cheeks.

The photo was taken 14 days after the procedure. The scar will now begin to unify in colour and after 2-3 months will become invisible. If Mrs Lenka used her make-up it would not be visible now.

Lenka regained her youthful and fresh proportions, originally flat cheeks and middle part of the face were visibly rejuvenated by returned volume.

Emilie 52 image

Mrs Emilie 52 years old

Face lift under a local anaesthetic by the method Quick Lift.

With Emilie, we can see the beautiful difference in her face proportions and how her face became much younger looking with this method.

The middle part of the face regained its volume, the lower part was reduced with liposuction and lifting. The jaw and chin are newly beautifully defined.

We have achieved a truly beautiful result with Emilie. In her 50s she looks like a pretty 30-year-old.

Ludmila image

Mrs Ludmila 62 years old

Face lift under a local anaesthetic by the method Quick Lift.

Mrs Ludmila has had the Quick Lift procedure, which has beautifully smoothed out already wilted skin on her neck and naturally rejuvenated her face as well.

Quick Lift not only has the beautiful effect of rejuvenating the face but with this modern technique of lifting we can achieve a nice effect of stretching the skin on the neck.

We also recommended to undergo a rejuvenation by the instrument eMatrix, which can erase fine wrinkles and porous structure of the skin. This leads to a complex rejuvenation of the face.

Marie image

Mrs Marie 43 years old, photo taken immediately after the procedure

A mini face lift by the method Serdev Suture Lift.

An initial wilting of the face regained its firmer contours after one hour and the resulting effect is a rejuvenation of the face. Marie was able to return to work immediately the second day without any marks of an aesthetic procedure but with a much younger and fresher appearance.

It is possible to repeat this procedure a year or two later as a maintenance treatment for a natural young appearance.

Martina image

Mrs Martina, 52 years old, photo taken immediately after the procedure

A mini face lift by the method Serdev Suture Lift.

A beautiful result of natural rejuvenation after SERDEV lift. Mrs Martina returned to work the very next day.

Her facial features regained their youthful appearance, the nose-lip lines were removed and a complete facelift was achieved.

She can enjoy this result for the next two years when it can be repeated.

Šárka image

Mrs Šárka, 43 years old

Face lift under a local anaesthetic by the method Quick Lift.

Mrs Šárka was worried by her “squirrel cheeks“ and loosing her young and attractive appearance to which she had been used to. In the past, she had a thread lift, which had not brought her the desired effect.

She has visited other clinics,where she was told, that at her age, she is not an appropriate candidate for a face lift. We had a different opinion and were convinced that in Mrs Šárka’s case we could achieve a satisfactory result with the method Quick Lift.

After a personal consultation in our clinic we have suggested applying Botulotoxin and Quick Lift.

A fourtnight before the actual procedure, we applied Botulotoxin into the chewing muscle to reduce volume in the jaw area which had soften the facial countours. Afterwards, we have performed Quick Lift with a gentle suction off genetically deposited fat that was making the unattractive “squirrel cheeks“.

As we expected with Šárka, we have achieved a noticable but at the same time natural rejuvanation of her face and neck. She will be able to enjoy this beautiful result for several years.

Pavla image
Pavla  image

Mrs Pavla, 62 years old

Face lift under a local anaesthetic by the method Quick Lift.

Her face that became elongated due to ageing regained its correct “youthful dimension”, making the whole face younger by at least 15 years.

While giving Mrs Pavla a face lift, we have performed a plastic surgery of lower eyelids, which has removed the unattractive pouches from under her eyes. The area around the lower eyelids of Mrs Pavla often became swollen but with the correction of the lower eyelids we have solved even this problem.

A photo of an almost imperceptible scar without a make up about a month after the procedure.

The healing was normal.

The client returned to work 10 days later.

Vitezslava image

Mrs Vitezslava, 66 years old, photo taken immediately after the procedure

A mini face lift by the method Serdev Suture Lift.

Mrs Vitezslava required a fast procedure without having to withdraw from her daily duties.

Mrs Vitezslava is very active and could not afford any convalescence. We have a solution even for such clients.

We recommended Serdev temporary lift. Mrs Vitezslava, being very satisfied with her result, subsequently decided to go for Serdev lift of the lower face as well.

Note the significantly lifted cheeks and erased nose-lip lines. The client will be able to enjoy this effect for about a year.

After the procedure, the jaw area has been smoothened out and the “squirrel cheeks” have disappeared.

Jarmila image

Mrs Jarmila 42 years old

A mini face lift by the method Serdev Suture Lift.

Mrs Jarmila required a lift with an immediate result without any marks left by the operation (she could not afford to stay at home from work). In this case, we have performed SERDEV lift. The result was immediate, it is possible to wash your hair right away, and besides, Mrs Jarmila looks noticeably younger and more beautiful without anyone noticing a visit to the plastic surgeon.

Mrs Jarmila has been enjoying this result for more than a year now. If necessary, it is possible to repeat the procedure as a maintenance treatment.

Anna image

Mrs Anna 56 years old

Face lift under a local anaesthetic by the method Quick Lift.

Mrs Anna has decided to undergo a Quick Lift. Healing was very fast - already a week later the swelling was minimal.

On the photo taken a week later can be seen the nice result of a vertical lift. The face has regained its “young dimensions”. Through the means of our lifts, we return to the face its youthful triangular look. We have suppressed its unattractive elongated cheeks and rectangular shape that the face gets with ageing.

Věra image

Mrs Vera, 66 years old

Face lift under a local anaesthetic by the method Quick Lift.

The photo was taken 10 days after the procedure and already you can see the beautiful result of the rejuvenated appearance of the face. Mrs Vera would also benefit from a plastic surgery of the upper eyelids and from filling missing volume by the method SEFFI in the eyebrow and eye area.

The slight swelling of the face will subside in the next few days. Mrs Vera is able to return to her daily routine right away.

Alena image

Mrs Alena 41 years old

Filling of volume by transfer of one’s own fat by the method Seffi a MicroSeffi.

The aging of the face has manifested itself by “depressions” and “shadows” which made Mrs Alena look tired and old.

After filling the volume in her face by transferring her own fat by the MicroSeffi method, she became to look noticeably younger and rested. Her contours became nicely defined.

Thanks to stem cells contained in the removed fat, the surface of the skin became beautifully evenly coloured and the fine wrinkles have been erased.

Vlaďka image

Mrs Vladka, 50 years old

Enlargement of the lips by transfer of own fat by the method Seffi a MicroSeffi.

The thin skin on the lips will continue to regenerate thanks to the content of the stem cells for the next 6 months after the procedure. Mrs Vladka brought a photo of herself from her youth where we could see her full, juicy and sexy lips, which is the result we have achieved by the method MICROSEFFI.

It is possible to repeat this procedure after a year or two as a maintenance treatment for keeping a naturally youthful appearance.

Petr image

Mr Petr, 40 years old

Endoscopic lift of eyebrows and forehead by the Mivel method.

In this case we have solved the issue of wilted upper eyelids and the upper part of the face. With a small incision and puncture in the hairline, the tissue was lifted and the excess skin gently removed. The face immediately presents a rested and fresh look.

Mr Petr was very satisfied as this was exactly the natural effect that he wanted.

pavlina image

Mrs Pavlina, 49 years old

Neck lift by the QuickLift method.

Mrs Pavlina was troubled by a wilted, wrinkly neck. We performed QuickLift which not only beautifully smoothened out the whole neck but the whole lower and middle part of the face.

The result is quite distinct but at the same time has quite a natural rejuvenating effect on the whole face. The double chin visible from the profile was removed by the procedure.

The photo was taken nine days after the procedure.

Mrs Pavlina can enjoy the effect of the procedure for at least the next 5 years.

Jiří image

Mrs Jiri, 43 years old

Plastic correction of the upper and lower eyelids by the method plastic surgery of eyelids.

Pan Jiri has nice facial features but his age is showing in his eyes. The fat is gently spread over the lower eyelids by a method not making a scar over the conjunctiva. This makes the eyes look younger but not too stretched out so as not too gain the effect of “piercing eyes”.

With men it is necessary to be moderate with the amount of removed skin so that the eyes don’t look too stretched out. The result has to be natural and pleasant.

Alena image

Mrs Alena, 38 years old

Mini lift of the lower eyelids by the V incision method.

The photo was taken 14 days after the procedure.

The scar usually heals quite well in this area. It will become invisible approximately after a month. Make-up can cover it completely.

Iva image

Mrs Iva, 55 years old

Removal of double chin by the method liposuction SlimLipo.

It is necessary to wear a special elastic headband that we provide free of charge. The results of SlimLipo on small body parts where there is a need for extra healing are excellent and have a lifting effect in the jaw area as well.

The photo shows the client 3 weeks after the procedure.

Miroslava image

Mrs Miroslava, 36 years old

Enlargement of the lips by V Y shift method.

Mrs Miroslava had undergone this procedure in two phases. First, the surgeon made a surgical cut inside the lips in the “heart” area in the “V” shape. This lifted the middle part of the lip.

Two months later, Miroslava went through the second phase, where the sides of the lips were enlarged.

The enlargement of the lips is gentle and natural. The procedure is permanent.

Lucie image

Mrs Lucie, 27 years old

Enlargement of the lips with Hyaluronic Acid.

The photo shows her lips a week after the procedure.

The result is full symmetrical lips.

This result lasts for about 1-2 years after the procedure. It is possible to repeat it without a problem.

Kyselina HY image

Filling of nose-lips lines with Hyaluronic Acid.

Removal of wrinkles by the method Filling with Hyaluronic Acid.

The effect of Filling with Hyaluronic Acid is immediate.

The mild swelling of the lips will disappear 2-3 days after the application.

Filling with HA lasts usually for 1-2 years. The Hyaluronic Acid is gradually absorbed and the effect slowly fades over time.

Hydrolifting image

Hydro-lift – removal of wrinkles with Vital Injector

Removal of wrinkles with Vital Injector by the method Hydro-lift by Vital Injector.

You can expect this effect after a second or third treatment depending on the state of your skin.

We recommend 4-6 weeks between individual treatments.

Afterwards, as a maintenance treatment once every 6 months.

eMatrix odtranění vrásek image

Removal of wrinkles and renewal of skin tone by the instrument eMatrix

Removal of wrinkles by the method eMatrix.

The result of firming up of the skin and removal of fine wrinkles is visible straight after the first treatment.

Depending on the depth and sagging of the skin, it is necessary to undergo the eMatrix treatment upto 3times in 6-8 weekly intervals.

Afterwards, as a maintenance treatment once every 6 months.

Pigmentace image

Removal of pigmentation, evening out of skin colour, removal of fine wrinkles

Removal of pigmentation by the eMatrix method.

The photo shows the result of evening out of skin colour and fading of pigmantaion after a second eMatrix treatment.

Even the fine wrinkles have been visibly removed.

Eva image

Treatment of scars and unevenness of skin

Treatment of scars and unevenness of skin by the eMatrix method.

You can expect significant removal of scars and uneven profile of your skin straight after the first eMatrix treatment.

The photo illustrates the result immediately after the first treatment. After three treatments, the skin will be evenly coloured and the scars quite insignificant.

Jizvy image

Removal of acne scars

Treatment of scars and unevenness of skin by the eMatrix method.

This is the result that can be expected after third treatment by the eMatrix method.

With the same principle and same results, the eMatrix method removes scars after accidents, surgical operations…

Body and limbs

jolana image

Mrs Jolana, 44 years old

Removal of stomach fat by the SlimLipo liposuction method.

Mrs Jolan required the removal of stomach fat. This photo was taken 2 months after the procedure.

Now she buys clothes two standard sizes smaller.

Miloš image

Mr Milos, 40 years old

Removal of stomach fat by the SlimLipo liposuction method.

Mr Milos needed to suction off excess fat on his stomach but also to tighten the skin because he has lost a lot of weight during the liposuction.

The skin on his stomach was really quite stretched out and lacking any tone. But after the laser liposuction SlimLipo the volume had lost a significant amount of fat and at the same time, the skin firmed up.

Petra image

Miss Petra, 32 years old

Removal of fat on inner thighs by the SlimLipo liposuction method.

Petra had a genetically predisposed fat deposits on her inner thighs which were beautifully resolved by laser liposuction SlimLipo.

Photo 3 weeks after procedure.

Vlaďka image

Mrs Vladka, 50 years old

Buttocks lift by the Serdev Suture Lift method.

The lift takes place under a local anaesthetic. Convalescence takes about a week when it is necessary to walk and sit down slowly, and to maintain a relaxing regime. It is possible to return to everyday activities after a week but any rigorous sport has to be avoided for at least one month.

Mrs Vladka’s butt was moved to a new youthful location and her pants fit her much more nicely.

Zdena image

Mrs Zdena, 51 years old

Buttocks lift by the Serdev Suture Lift method.

Mrs Zdenka had sagging flat buttocks without any firmness. After the procedure Serdev Lift of buttocks, not only have her buttocks been lifted, the skin on her inner thighs has been smoothened out as well.

The procedure is evaluated very highly by clients because convalescence takes only about a week and everything is healed in a month.

Alena image

Mrs Alena, 42 years old

Buttocks lift by the Serdev Suture Lift method.

A beautiful result of the buttocks lift is possible even on slim women. The photo was taken 8 months the procedure.

Eva image

Mrs Eva, 43 years old

Hands after the treatment Ative filling by the Radiesse method.

The photo was taken a week after application. Notice the distinctively “younger hands”. The treatment is painless and rejuvenation immediately visible.

The surface of the skin will now begin to regenerate and the hands will look even better a few months later due to a new production of collagen.

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