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Arte Clinic Brno is the only place in the Czech Republic that performs QuickLift.

  • QuickLift is a unique method of lifting, with which your face will regain naturally youthful appearance and perfect beauty. You will look as good as you possibly can at your age – young, fresh and happy. You still will be you just more beautiful.
  • It is the most modern technique of lifting under a local anaesthetic with very natural results and significant rejuvenation of the face. QuickLift REPLACES old-fashioned traditional techniques of lifting under general anaesthetic with a long convalescence. Traditional face lifts pull the skin sideways (from the mouth to towards the ears) even though it is clear that the skin doesn’t age in this direction and thus it is not possible to achieve a natural rejuvenating effect but only “an old face with a stretched out skin”.
  • The skin and Smas layer loosens with age vertically downwards from the top. QuickLift is the most modern technique enabling a vertical lift of the subcutaneous Smas layer and removal of excessive skin and thus guaranteeing a NATURAL rejuvenating long-lasting effect.

With the method QuickLift we provide the following aesthetic procedures:

This unique and globally very popular lifting technique doesn’t change the appearance of the face and it doesn’t look like it has just had a plastic surgery.

QuicklLift noticeably rejuvenates and beautifies the face by creating and attractive heart-shape. The face gains youthful proportions.

Your face will look youthful and fresh. It is possible to fill in the missing volume in the areas of the eyes, lower eyelids and lips with your own fat and stem cells by the MICROSEFFI technique for complete face rejuvenation.

QuickLift candidates

The best candidates for QuickLift are usually men and women between the age of 40 -65 but we perform QuickLift on even younger clients, for example those who have lost a lot of weight.

QuickLift also have excellent results with active, older and healthy seventy-year olds.

QuickLift is for all those who want to look naturally younger, fresh and happy without a long healing process and unnatural appearance.

The beauty of the revolutionary method QuickLift is the vertical lifting of original volume. The skin is not being stretched out sideways as in traditional methods and this is why the result is so natural and long-lasting.

What is involved in the QuickLift method?

QuickLift is an outpatient lifting procedure, which usually lasts two hours. Before the procedure we supply the pre-medication.

The doctor applies a local anaesthetic at the treatment area. He or she makes a small incision in the hairline of the temple area in the fold of the front part of the ear where the scar won’t be visible.

The incision is directed downwards around the earlobe behind the trag (the cartilage at the entrance into the ear canal). This incision is carefully planned and performed at the natural folds of the ear. This ensures an attractive result with invisible scars.

The subcutaneous tissue Smas and muscles are vertically lifted. Any excess skin is carefully removed.

If necessary, any excess fatty tissue layer in the jaw area or double chin is suctioned off.

The incision is closed with a special stitching method that minimises tension and discomfort. We use tissue glue for faster healing.


This method firms up the outline of the jawline, the skin on the cheeks is returned to its youthful position in the area of the cheeks, the neck is smoothed out and the temples are gently stretched in an upward angle. The face regains a completely natural youthful and smaller dimension.


Milena 53 image

Even this change is possible to achieve.
Our client Mrs Milena, 53 years old.

What can I expect from the QuickLift procedure?

The time of convalescence is much shorter. You can return to work and your daily activities after one week.

Normal painkillers, such Paralen, are sufficient in the first 2-3 days.

After the procedure, you will have a slight swelling that will become quite insignificant on the third day after the procedure, but then will quickly disappear altogether. Bruises are quite rare with QuickLift.

Stiches are removed 7-9 days after the procedure. After their removal, it is possible to use ordinary make-up.

For better and faster healing after QuickLift, we use tissue glue.

The tissue glue contains protein components of thrombin, figrinogen and coagulating elements that speed up coagulation. It has other excellent benefits:

  • Much less common appearance of bruises – in many cases there are no bruising at all
  • Smaller swelling after the procedure
  • Overall faster healing
  • Much less noticeable tiny scars
  • Protects from infection because the tissue glue forms an antibacterial layer
  • Prevents pain

QuickLift is highly specialised plastic-surgical procedure.

This unique method is performed at our clinic by a surgeon certified to perform this procedure.

On the photo you can see (in fact you cannot see), a scar after 4 months after the procedure. It is completely healed and hidden in the hairline and behind the trag (earlobe).

jizva quick lift

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