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  • The basic aim of this mini-lift is a rejuvenation and beautification by creating aesthetic angles, proportions and anatomic positions typical of youth.
  • The result of the mini-lift will be rejuvenation and beautification of the face, definition of the jaw area and profile, softening of nasolabial (nose-lip) lines and removal of sagging double chin.
  • It is an ideal procedure for early as well as middle age sagging of the face. Even some young patients may have indications of a condition where it is necessary to correct unattractive proportions of the face, undistinctive jawbones and incorrect eyebrow angle.

With the Serdev Suture Lift method in our clinic we can provide these aesthetic procedures:

The aging of the face is demonstrated by sagging and loosening of the fibrous muscle subcutaneous layer structure (SMAS). With growing age, the influence of gravity, atrophy and loosening of skin in the face, the cheeks descend and the double chin becomes loose. Loose skin gives the face a sad, older and tired look.

With this method we can achieve stretching of the temple area, face lift, definition of jaw profile, and erasing of nose-lip lines. “The shadows” of the face are “RE-TOUCHED”. This lift fulfils clients’ important requirement for an immediate and significant rejuvenation and beautification of the face without scars, with the possibility of an almost immediate return to work and social life without the need for convalescence.


Candidates for Serdev Suture Lift

The ideal candidates are clients with early or middle-age sagging of the face and neck.

Punctures in the skin are hidden in the hairline around the temples. This then causes a lift of the middle and upper part of the face.

Punctures for lifting the jaw area, double chin and neck are hidden behind the earlobe.

Punctures in the skin heal by themselves within three days.

It is a clear and obvious choice for everyone who does not want or cannot afford to be disengaged from normal activities.

The method enables an immediate return to social and working life.

What is involved in Serdev Suture Lift

The lift is performed only with the help of skin punctures in the fold of the earlobe or the hairline of the temple area without visible scars. We use specially designed curved and flexible surgical instruments and semi-elastic, non-traumatic surgical threads. The doctor only punctures the skin and guides the needle through with the help of surgical threads and lifts and fixes the loose muscles to stable (non-moving) structures.

The anchor points after the performed lift are the deep stable (non-moving) structures – this ensures a significant and noticeable effect of the lift. The soft tissue and skin are attached to the fibrous muscle subcutaneous layer structures, which enables to correct the position of the facial soft tissue. The loose skin is returned to the position where it was during your youth. The moving skin is fixed to the non-moving structures, which is very important for the long-term effect of the lift.

In some cases, the excessive subcutaneous fat is deposited in the lower part of the face in the so-called “squirrel cheeks” and under the chin (double chin) and its amount cannot be corrected during the lift. In these cases, it is necessary to remove this fat in order to achieve a satisfactory and long-lasting result of the lift.

For the suction of the fat from lower part of the face and double chin, the most suitable method is laser-assisted liposuction SlimLipo. The laser liposuction SlimLipo is the best method for creating the correct angel between the neck and jaw and for firming up of the skin. The doctor will always suggest the best individual procedure.

This method of 6-point mini-lift is the fastest and safest. It brings immediate results of rejuvenation and beautification without scars and with zero convalescence.




What can I expect after the Serdev Suture Lift procedure

Thousands of patients have undergone the operation with an immediate result of rejuvenation and beautification without post-operative limits on daily activities, without visible scars and other marks of surgical procedure.

The slight tension in the face usually creates a pleasant sensation in patients. There is no bruising. An occasional slight swelling is hidden in the hairline and behind the ears and disappears within a week.

The lift of the lower part of the face often combines very well into one procedure with a lift of the middle and upper part of the face resulting in a complete and noticeable beautification and rejuvenation of the face.

Generally, it is possible to say that this method of facelifting is an easy outpatient procedure with excellent and immediate results without convalescence.

The effect of the mini-lift lasts for about 2-3 years when it is possible to repeat it throughout the year.

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