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  • Liposuction does not need to be a painful experience with a long convalescence and complications such as irregularities in the skin, cellulose, sagging skin etc.
  • A foremost American company Palomar brought to the market with a laser SlimLipo and its unique technology, the so-called laser-assisted liposuction that enables suction of fat and firming up and stretching of sagging skin at the same time in various areas of the body with the help of laser – that is 2 in 1 technologies.
  • Furthermore, it enables correction of cellulose. All this is done very effectively with small incisions, bruising or bleeding. SlimLipo is the first instrument for laser-assisted liposuction in the world approved by the American office for control and effectiveness of medical instruments FDA.

We use the method SlimLipo for liposuction in our clinic to perform these aesthetic procedures:

The technology liposuction SlimLipo uses slim, only 1.5 mm wide cannulas, which only minimally disturb the subcutaneous layer and thus minimise pain and duration of convalescence after the operation.

Traditional liposuction uses 4mm or wider, metal cannulas, which are unnecessarily large and which disturb the subcutaneous layer too much. These large cannulas often destroy everything that is in their way. This leads to undesirable injury of the surrounding tissue, capillaries and nerves resulting in significant in post-operation pain and long-lasting swelling and bruising.

SlimLipo™ s the only method in the world using laser wavelength of 924mm and 975mm for selective focus on fat and skin tissues for the most effective “melting” of fat and firming up of the skin with laser-assisted liposuction. This is the most modern, mini-invasive method of liposuction available today.

SlimLipo enables correction of body parts as well as the firming up of the skin. Traditional liposuction can mean a long convalescence for patients and as well as side effects resulting from the size of treated area and used cannula. With SlimLipo, the time of convalescence after the procedure is significantly reduced. In most cases, patients can return to work and daily activities in one or two days after the laser liposuction treatment.

slimlipo, laserová liposukce
Based on comparative studies, SlimLipo has up to 88% less post-operative complications and 79% less side effects compared with traditional liposuction methods of the stomach and hips.

More information on laser liposuction SlimLipo

slimlipo, laserová liposukce

Process of procedure

  • Before the laser liposuction SlimLipo procedure, it is necessary to have a consultation, either personally at the clinic or by an online form. This consultation is FREE.
  • After an agreement with the doctor, you can book the time for your procedure. A basic blood test is required before this liposuction procedure to avoid any possible complication. We will issue a request form for an examination after your consultation or we will perform it at the clinic.
  • The procedure liposuction SlimLipo itself will take about 2 – 3 hours.
  • The treated areas are under a local anaesthetic so the procedure is painless.
  • The laser is directed into the subcutaneous layer through a micro-incision. This micro-incision heals within three days.
  • During the laser-assisted liposuction, the unwanted fat is removed and at the same time the skin is stretched out thanks to the unique patented technology SlimLipo.
  • During the liposuction procedure, the subcutaneous layer is not disturbed or damaged so there are no deformations as with other common liposuctions.
  • The procedure is totally safe.
  • You can return home after the procedure without any problems.
  • You can return to work or your daily activities the next day.

Advantages of SlimLipo

  • stretching of the skin
  • smoother skin
  • faster recovery
  • lower or no appearance of hematomas / lower blood loss
  • lower or no post-operative pain
  • higher safety
  • used as re-operation for failed liposuctions
  • easier treatment of smaller areas such as double chin, knees and man-boobs…
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SlimLipo offers you a minimally invasive solution for liposuction, it safely “melts” fat, is less painful, brings permanent results and enables you to return to your daily activities within one or two days after the aesthetic procedure.

After the procedure you need to wear elastic underwear, that we supply free of charge, for the next 4 weeks.

After liposuction of double chin you need to wear an elastic headband for one week.

You can slowly begin to your exercise routine in 3-4 weeks after the procedure.

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