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Lippofilling – transfer of own fat

The most modern method of transfer of own fat Micro Seffi

  • rejuvenation 2in1 – volume filling and regeneration of face and body
  • The most modern method of micro-collection of high quality own fat for the return of youthful face and body
  • latest research results applied by the method Micro Seffi regenerate the surface of the skin with stem cells

Process of procedure

The procedure takes place under a local anaesthetic.

The doctor removes fat from unwanted areas by special micro cannula. Unique surgical micro cannula enable the removal of only the highest quality fat micro lobules that are capable of living and are rich in highly regenerative stem cells.

The mixture is cleaned, then your blood plasma is added and all this is applied to all areas of your face, where there used to be volume during your youth.

This method enables the doctor to perform a very precise application even to areas such as, for example, the upper and lower eyelids or eyebrows.

This method beautifully rejuvenates the area around the eyes, removes circles under the eyes and fills in volume into eyebrows and temples. It naturally removes volume into sunken faces, fullness into flat cheeks, fills in lost volume and nurtures lips and corrects so-called “smokers’ wrinkles”…

The whole face gains a fresh youthful appearance. Regeneration will take place for another 6 months after application. You will notice a gradual improvement of your skin.

This method can be successfully used for regeneration and the filling of volume in the neck, the surface of hands or large labia.


Seffi a MicroSeffi

Microfilling SEFFI uses especially minimally invasive, non-traumatic micro-surgical instruments thanks to which the application is very precise.

A specific, most modern technology from the collection to the application guarantees a rejuvenating result and a natural renewal of volume, which is much more effective, natural and regenerative.

  • gently fills out areas where it is important to add volume to gain natural rejuvenation
  • we recommend it as a regular, skin-beneficial maintenance treatment
  • it is possible to combine microfilling SEFFI with endoscopic lift MIVEL with excellent results

In "More information about the method" you will also find very interesting videos. We recommend their viewing.


After application there usually appears some swelling which is possible to reduce with cold compresses. Swelling subsides after 1 to 2 days.

There are no bruises.

It is possible to use make-up after application.

Procedures that can be conducted concurrently

Face Mini-lift can be combined with other procedures, thanks to which you will feel even younger and more beautiful. Among those are for example:

Price list

Basic information

The price of the procedure will depend on its extend.

The final price will be established by the doctor, based on the range on the agreed upon procedures during the obligation-free consultation.

Payment for procedure

It is possible to pay by cash, money transfer, and unlimited number of gift vouchers.

The price of the procedure includes

  • consultation with the plastic surgeon
  • premedication
  • local anesthetic
  • procedure
  • aftercare

Informative price of procedure

600 - 1.250 USD

Most frequent questions

Content is being prepared. Thank you for your interest.

Photos Before and After procedure

All photographs have been taken and published with the expressed agreement of our clients.

Photos Before and After Lippofilling

Mrs Alena, 41 years old

Filling of volume by Micro Seffi method.

The ageing in the face was demonstrated by lines and “shadows” in the face which caused Mrs Alena to look tired and older.

After volume filling by transfer of own fat by the MicroSeffi method, the face has gained a much younger appearance and rested expression. The contours of the face became nicely defined.

Thanks to stem cells contained in the collected fat tissue, the surface of the skin has gained a beautiful unified colour and fine wrinkles have disappeared.

Photos Before and After Lippofilling

Mrs Vladka, 50 years old

Enlargement of lips by Micro Seffi method.

Thanks to the content of stem cells, the thin skin of the lips will continue to regenerate for another 6 months after the procedure. Mrs Vladka brought a photo from her youth, where we could seeher full, juicy, sexy lips, and we have achieved this very look with Micro Seffi method.

This procedure can be repeated after a year or two as a maintenance treatment for the a continued young appearance.

Photos Before and After Lippofilling

Mrs Eva, 43 years old

Hands after Micro Seffi lipofilling treatment

The photo was taken a week after application. Notice the significantly “younger appearance of the hands”. The procedure is painless and the rejuvenation is immediately visible.

The skin surface will now regenerate and the hands will look even better in five months time thanks to the effect of the stem cells.

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