Face Mini lift

Minimally invasive lift using a hanging thread. In an hour you will be ten years younger without missing out on your daily activities.

  • gentle yet effective face lift
  • immediate, distinctive and natural rejuvenating effect and beautification of your face
  • one hour-long outpatient procedure under a local anaesthetic
  • without convalescence

Process of procedure

With a small incision, (about 1cm), which is hidden in the hairline or the hairy ear area, the hanging thread is inserted under the skin. The thread is made of an absorbable material, which dissolves after about 2.5 years. The skin is returned to the position where it was during your youth and it is fixed there after lifting. The small incisions heal by themselves after about three days.

The doctor will perform the skin lift in the areas of the temples, cheeks and lower part of the face. From the small incision in the hairy area of the temples the thread is inserted under the skin and into the deeper layers of the skin. The doctor then lifts the loose skin and fixes it with a stich. The skin in the neck and jaw areas is fixed with the same principle. The thread is inserted under the skin and into deeper skin layer (smas) from a small incision behind the earlobes.


Serdev Suture Lift

This method was brought into practice by Dr. Nikolay Serdev, M.D., Ph.D. one of the most appreciated plastic surgeons in the world.

We are the only clinic in CR certified to perform this method, guaranteed by Professor Serdev.

  • unique technique of performing this method bringing immediate effect without traces of surgery
  • immediate return to daily activities
  • year-around possibility to repeat and perform this procedure

In “More information about the method” you will find very interesting videos. We recommend their viewing.


This is an outpatient procedure, that is, you can go home straight after it is done. It is performed under a local anaesthetic, which means it is painless. A few hours or days after the procedure you may feel a slight tension in your face. Any pain is individual and usually only mild. In case you do experience pain, you can take general analgesics for example Paralen. There is no bruising. Occasional swelling is slight and moreover it is hidden in the hairline and disappears approximately after one week.

Punctures in the skin disappear after 2-3 days and it is necessary to apply disinfectant for the duration of one week. This procedure can be performed even in summer. You can use make-up immediately.

You leave the clinic with an immediate effect, without plasters or bandages, without the “operated on” look, but distinctively younger and more beautiful.

Procedures that can be conducted concurrently

A face mini lift can be combined with other procedures that can make you look even younger and more beautiful. Among those are for example:

Price list

Basic information

The price of the procedure will depend on its extend. It is possible to perform a lift of the full face, the lower jaw area, middle and upper face area or the eyebrows.

The final price will be established by the doctor, based on the range on the agreed upon procedures during the obligation-free consultation.

Payment for procedure

It is possible to pay by cash, money transfer, and unlimited number of gift vouchers.

The price of the procedure includes

  • consultation with the plastic surgeon
  • premedication
  • local anesthetic
  • procedure
  • aftercare

Informative price of procedure

850 - 1.600 USD

Most frequent questions

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Photos Before and After procedure

All photographs have been taken and published with the expressed agreement of our clients.

Face Mini lift Before and After procedure

Mrs Marie, 43 years old, photo immediately after procedure

One hour later, the early wilting of the face regained its firmer contours with an overall rejuvenating effect. Marie was able to return to work the next day without any signs of an aesthetic procedure but much fresher and younger appearance.

It is possible to repeat this procedure a year or two later as a maintenance treatment for the upkeep of a natural young look.

Face Mini lift Before and After procedure

Mrs Vítězslava, 66 years old, photo immediately after procedure

The photo shows her before and after the procedure. Mrs Vítězslava required a quick procedure without an interruption of daily activities. She is a very active person and could not afford any convalescence. We have a solutions for clients like her. We suggested Serdev temporary lift and due to her satisfaction with that procedure, she returned later for Serdev lift of the lower face area. Please note the significantly lifted cheeks and the smoothing out of lines aroung the nose and lips.

The jaw area was evened out, the “squirrel cheeks“ disappeared. The photo was taken immediately after the procedure. The patient is very happy with the result.

Face Mini lift Before and After procedure

Mrs Jarmila, 42 years old

Mrs Jarmila required an immediate result without traces of a plastic surgery (she could not stay at home from work). In this case, we performed a SERDEV lift. The result was immediate. It is possible to wash the hair right away and besides, Mrs Jarmila looks much younger and prettier without anyone noticing her visit to the plastic surgeon.

She has been enjoying this look for over a year. If necessary, she can repeat the procedure as a maintenance treatment.

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