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Plazmaterapie obličeje
  • A revolutionary novelty! A technique of transferring one’s own fat – MICROLIPOFILLING SEFFI
  • It adds missing volume into areas of the face where it is not possible to apply classic lipofilling and at the same time regenerates your skin by stem cells from your own tissue.
  • It guarantees a natural effect of complete rejuvenation and regeneration of the face.
  • Without convalescence; with an immediate result.

Aesthetic procedures performed in our clinic by the method MICRO SEFFI:

Difference between lipofilling and micro-filling SEFFI

Micro-lipofilling SEFFI uses special, mini-invasive, non-traumatic micro-surgical instruments allowing a very precise application. Specific and most modern technique from the removal to application guarantees a regeneration and natural renewal of volume that is much more effective, natural and regenerative.

Unlike classic lipofilling, the SEFFI microfilling technique allows a gentle filling of areas where adding of volume is very important for achieving a complete and, most importantly, natural rejuvenation of the face. YOU WILL NOT HAVE an old looking face where you can see, for example, filled out cheeks or nose-lip lines!

Rejuvenation with the MICROSEFFI method will be natural in the whole face. Your face will gain a natural and youthful appearance. It is only possible to naturally fill out the areas above the eyelids, the area immediately under the lower eyelids and eyebrows, where there used to be volume during youth, with this MICROSEFFI technique and at the same time actively regenerate the surface of the skin. The quality of your skin will continue to improve for the following 6 months after application. As soon as the slight swelling has subsided (after about two days), you will be able to notice a complex improvement of the tone of your skin. We recommend Micro-filling SEFFI as a regular maintenance treatment beneficial for your skin that is possible to repeat every 1 to 2 years.

General information

Aging in the face is caused by loss of volume in the area of the cheeks and the eyes, in the eyelids and eyebrows. With the micro-filling method SEFFI we are able to renew volume and contours of the human face with the help of own body fat and at the same time regenerate the skin with stem cells. A young looking face typically has the shape of an inverted triangle, where the upper part of the face and the cheeks have a larger volume. This triangle becomes a rectangle due to aging – the fat pillows descend and the fat shifts to the lower part of the face. Thanks to this special, most modern technique micro-filling SEFFI, we are able to regenerate your face as well as add harmony, youth and freshness.

The special micro-filling method SEFFI is very gentle procedure using non-traumatic micro-surgical instruments. It guarantees a natural and harmonious result of rejuvenation without having to give up your normal daily activities – moreover, it has an immediate visible result.

For an even greater youthful effect, we recommend to combine micro-filling SEFFI with an endoscopic lift MIVEL.

ztráta tuku v obličeji bez popisu

Delicate art of fat transmission in the face

Self-fat is a high-quality filler that can be used to rejuvenate the face. The immense advantage is that fat in the face looks very natural and there is no allergic reaction. Remove fat from an area where it is not desirable and apply where it needs to be added to the face.

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