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Tumescent Liposuction

A tested method of permanent removal of excessive fat from problematic areas brings an immediate effect of noticeable slimming.

  • permanent result
  • outpatient procedure under a local anaesthetic
  • reasonable price

Process of procedure

During tumescent liposuction, a special solution is inserted into the fat molecules in the area where we want to remove the unwanted fat.

This is an outpatient procedure under a local anaesthetic and it is not painful. After inserting the area with a tumescent solution, the doctor sucks the fat out via a thin cannula. After the procedure we will ask to wear elastic underwear that we lend you for free at our clinic. You will need to wear this for 4 – 6 weeks so that the skin tightens properly and heals well.

With more loose skin we recommend laser-assisted liposuction SlimLipo..


Tumescent liposuction

Tumescent liposuction will get rid of your excess fat quickly and permanently.

This procedure is about suctioning of fat from problematic areas under local anaesthetic. The procedure is done through a thin cannula and after healing there are no marks left.

Tumescent liposuction is a tested invasive procedure during which the fat is suctioned off from the problem area by a thin cannula.

Tumescent liposuction has the best results particularly with:

  • larger body parts such as stomach, thighs, hips, back…
  • smaller parts such as arms, knees…
The instrument Medela that we use in our clinic

The instrument Medela that we use in our clinic.


The resulting effect is visible immediately but the tightening of the skin will continue for another 3 months after the procedure.

For a better effect of tightening of the skin we recommend laser-assisted liposuction SlimLipo.

The procedure is not painful and does not leave any marks on the surface of the skin.

After the procedure, there will be slight swelling that will subside in the next few following days.

Procedures that can be conducted concurrently

Tumescent liposuction can be combined with other procedures, thanks to which you will feel even younger and more beautiful. Among those are for example:

Price list

Basic information

The price of the procedure will depend on its extend.

The final price will be established by the doctor, based on the range on the agreed upon procedures during the obligation-free consultation.

Payment for procedure

It is possible to pay by cash, money transfer, and unlimited number of gift vouchers.

The price of the procedure includes

  • consultation with the plastic surgeon
  • premedication
  • local anesthetic
  • procedure
  • aftercare

Informative price of procedure

775 - 1.475 USD

Most frequent questions

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Photos Before and After procedure

All photographs have been taken and published with the expressed agreement of our clients.

Photos Before and After Tumescent Liposuction

Mrs Jolana, 44 years old

Mrs Jolana required removal of fat from her stomach. This photo was taken 2 months after the procedure.

Now she buys clothes 2 standard sizes smaller.

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