Still you – only younger and more beautiful
Still you – only younger and more beautiful

We specialize in face aesthetics, shaping of the body, correction of incorrect body proportions and removal of signs of ageing.

We always perform rejuvenation of the face so that you look younger, fresh and happy. Our unique lifting methods will return a natural younger appearance to your face. We will return skin and volume to the areas where they were during your youth. You still will be you, only younger and more beautiful. For body shaping we use the tested and reliable method of liposuction SlimLipo using the American laser Palomar with FDA certification.

Every procedure is a beginning of a relationship. Should you wish, we will never let you age.

Unique world methods for your natural beauty

quick lift

QuickLift Face Lift

QuickLift face lift is a minimally invasive procedure, which effectively removes signs of ageing in the middle and lower part of the face and neck.

It is ideal for men and women who still wish to look like themselves, only younger, rested and more beautiful.

  • Firms up and defines the jaw area, lifts and thus returns sagging skin and surface layer Smas to the cheek area
  • Smoothens skin of the neck
  • You gain a natural, youthful appearance with an immediate and long-lasting result with a short convalescence
  • Resulting effect lasts 7 to 10 years

Liposuction SlimLipo

Gentle and lasting removal of unwanted body fat and firming up of skin.

  • Outpatient procedure with a local anaesthetic
  • Reliable technology SlimLipo gently removes larger amounts of fat than a classic liposuction and firms up your skin
  • Immediate result of noticeable slimming and fast return to daily routine
  • Tightening of the skin and lowering of volume of the suction area lasts for another two months after the procedure
  • The method achieves beautiful results in delicate areas, such as double chin, knees, vulva, men breasts or arms

quick lift

SEFFI transfer of own body fat and stem cells

  • World innovative technique for the transfer of fat in the face
  • Rejuvenates face or parts of the body by filling in missing volume
  • Excellent result of face rejuvenation thanks to application to the areas of eyebrows, upper and lower eyelids or wrinkles above the upper lip
  • Fills out areas of the face or body where the volume used to be during youth and where the filling is important for the return of naturally youthful appearance of the face and body
  • Regenerates skin thanks to a high content of stem cells and plasma
  • Immediate rejuvenating result with a short “weekend” convalescence
serdev suture

Mini-lift Serdev Suture Lift

  • You gain more youthful, fresh appearance thanks to the procedure lasting about 1 hour, without convalescence
  • Innovative 6 point mini-lift performed painlessly under local aneasthetic
  • Immediate noticeable result of rejuvenation and beautification of the face without signs of surgical procedure
  • Tiny punctures are hidden in the hairline or behind the earlobes, that is they are not visible at all and begin to heal by themselves within 3 days
  • Ideal procedure for younger clients who wish to remove initial slackening of the face
  • Immediate rejuvenating effect for up to 2 years

serdev suture

Mivel – endoscopic lift

It is an endoscopic lift of the eyebrows and the forehead that can correct sagging eyebrows caused by ageing or their incorrect position in relation to the eyes.

It removes early excessive puckering of the skin on the upper eyelids and smoothens out wrinkles on the forehead. Your tired-looking eyes will disappear after the procedure.

  • Without visible scars
  • Performed under local anaesthetic with a short convalescence
  • You gain a naturally younger looking eye area and of the whole upper part of the face and correction of a wrong shape of the eyebrows
  • Resulting effect lasts for up to 5 -8 years
v rez

Incision – mini-lift of lower eyelids

It is a minimally invasive procedure which removes excessive skin from the lower eyelids and “bags and sacks” under the eyes with the unique method Incision resulting in the tightening of the face.

  • Gentle procedure thanks to the instrument Surgitron
  • Outpatient procedure under local anaesthetic
  • Noticeable rejuvenation of lower eyelids and smoothing out of initial “shades” in the face area
  • Fast convalescence




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